Authors Guide

Abstract (for oral and eposter presenters)

Title: Cambria 12, Bold, Capitals

Author(s) name(s) and Affiliation(s): Cambria 12, Bold, Italics

Abstract text: Calibri 12, plain

The abstract text should not exceed 200 words. One table or  one figure may be added  in the abstract (optional).

Important: At the bottom of the text authors should declare any competing interests, as transparency is essential for scientific trust and presented work/opinion credibility.

Oral presentations

Presenting authors should declare any competing interests in the second slide of their presentation as well.


e-poster size will be announced shortly.

Posters should be organized in sections: Background, Aim, Methods, Statistical analysis, Results, Conclusions, References.

Reminder: Abstract submission deadline August 25th.

Decision upon eposters submissions will be posted by The Scientific Committee within 5 days after submission.

Accepted full eposters should be sent by September 8th.

The complete Abstracts ebook will be uploaded on this site on September 14th.

ePosters will be visible online, as well, from September 14th 2018.